Online Creators Decreasing World Suck

December 9 - 11

2017 P4A Dates:
Dec 15-17
This video is not in any way sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This video is for Project for Awesome (P4A). P4A is an organisation that is trying to decrease world suck. Every year, they put a website up, and people create videos supporting a charity that helps the world. Mine, obviously, is the Heart and Stroke Foundation. They help any sort of heart problem, and devotes their lives to helping people survive their heart risks. The reason i chose the heart and stroke foundation is because my grandfather suffered three heart attacks, and had two open heart surgery, and is still alive today. Another reason why I chose this charity is because my friends dad had a heart attack, but survived because of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The main reasons there has been more and more heart dangers each year is because of obesity, and eating too much fatty foods. Obesity is caused by eating too much fast foods, or fatty foods. From obesity can be any heart risk, or even a cancer too. There is a website that The Heart and Stroke Foundation own and they show stories of survivors, and how they were affected by these diseases.Is an awesome charity because they help everyone survive these terrible diseases. That is why The Heart and Stroke Foundation is such a fantastic charity.

Heart and stroke Foundation Web: