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December 9 - 11

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Dec 15-17
"Anton's Right Here" is a non-profit organisation aimed at providing social and work experience for people with autism.

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Hi! My name is Anna, and this is my 2016 project for awesome video. Today i want to talk about a charity organisation called "Anton's Right Here". It is a social habilitation and education center aimed at tackling the problem of autism in Russia.
As you probably know, autism is not a disease. There is no cure for it. The only way one can help an autistic person is to provide support in their adapting to the environment and guide them through acquiring social skills.

Here, in Russia, only recently has autism been recognized as a condition which can be helped. It became possible for children to attend special classes, they got an opportunity for real social interaction and communication outside of their families.

However, the problem has not been solved for adults. Those who were brought up neglected by the community which was not willing to take them in, those whose childhood was limited to an isolated environment of their families. These people have no real future in modern Russia. The state still provides them with no help. Unable to get a job, they stay dependent on their parents mentally and physically. After the death of their parents the only option left for them is a mental institution.
There used to be no solution - until recently. Three years ago a group of enthusiasts founded a special center with the aim of providing social and work environment for people with autism. And to this day, the charitable project "Anton's Right Here" is one of the very few centers in Russia to offer professional guidance for adults with autism aiding autistic people to more fully reach their potential as individuals and gain the vital social experience. 120 families receive help from the project. About the half of the students are involved in the workshop course, where they acquire professional skills such a woodworking, ceramics and textile design.
All these skills can then be used to get a real job.

There is also a special program called "The Training Apartment", where students can live without the help of parents, on their own under the supervision of tutors and volunteers. During the course they obtain such essential life skills as learning to plan their time and spend their money wisely, doing household chores and cooking.

The center provides all the services to the families free of charge.
It receives no funding from the state and exists solely on private donations. This is why I believe it to be so important to support the center, to secure its developing and, most importantly, to make it possible for its expertise to be spread to other regions of Russia.

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