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December 9 - 11

2017 P4A Dates:
Dec 15-17
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The Against Malaria Foundation is a charity which distribute long lasting insecticide treated bed nets in developing countries to prevent malaria.

The Project For Awesome is an annual Youtube event where people create videos to promote their favourite charities.

The Project For Awesome 2016 is being held December 9 to 11, 2016. If you see this video in that time you can vote for the Against Malaria Foundation at the Project For Awesome website. You can also browse around and look for Project For Awesome videos made by others.

The Project For Awesome is organized by the Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green, and was started in 2007. Since then, people have uploaded Project For Awesome videos every year and millions of dollars has been donated to charity.

The Project For Awesome includes a vote which decides which charities to distribute the money to. The winners of the Project For Awesome usually receive $20000, which means if the Against Malaria foundation wins, we can expect to save 5 lives!

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