Online Creators Decreasing World Suck
DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
Welcome to Project For Awesome 2018! Suicide is a growing issue in the world, and we need to address it. I believe the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is an excellent resource for those struggling, or even those looking to make a difference. So I urge you to donate to the AFSP to support the incredible work their doing.

I also hope you take some time to learn more about how you can better communicate about this issue and with those struggling, as friends and family are often the first source of support for people. I've included some resources here:

And if you, or anyone you know, are struggling with suicidal thoughts or urges, please reach out. Below are some resources for support. And if you don't feel comfortable speaking with a stranger, talking with a close friend about what you're going through can also be helpful.
Call 1-800-273-8255