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DEC 2018
Hey Everyone! This is my video for Project 4 Awesome 2017 in support of the Leaf Foundation!
Project 4 Awesome is a great organization that raises money for charities from all over the world. here is their website :
The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation works to fund research into the root causes of aging through the crowdfunding platform, educate the public on this important issue, and build a grassroots movement in support of healthy longevity. This includes overcoming the diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. So please donate to LEAF if you can through their heroes program:
Leaf is a well-reputed charity with a lot of positive reviews and publicity. Please check their Great nonprofits profile at
Leaf has also collaborated with the popular youtube channel Kurzgesagt to create an informative video on aging and the efforts taking place to overcome the diseases of aging. Please view it here:
Finally, if you guys would like to learn about the latest developments in the quest to defeat age-related diseases please join our welcoming community at :
Also please don't forget to subscribe to the LEAF Foundation's youtube channel at:
Together we can overcome age-related diseases. Please Join us!