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December 9 - 11

2017 P4A Dates:
Dec 15-17
You Love Helping Animals! So do we!

And you can help us during Project For Awesome 2016 as people around the world come together in a unique act of kindness - to be AWESOME. Be a part of the celebration and don't forget to be awesome by making a gift to help homeless dogs and pets across the country.

Project For Awesome 2016:

Solving the American Stray Dog Crisis!

here are just two examples: In 2015, Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control estimated as many as 300,000 dogs on Houston streets any given day. And, San Antonio Waste Services collected 24,000 dead dog carcasses off the street.

But no one has accurate numbers because a census has never been made. In fact, very little has been done at all. With so many problems facing our society, the welfare of a city’s stray dogs ranks too low for our leaders to take serious action. It’s up to us, people who feel deeply the need to act on this issue.

The World Animal Awareness Society is seeking to put an end to this public epidemic with our American Strays 2030 Project; a comprehensive strategy of action and education to address the amount of homeless and abandoned dogs at risk in our cities.

The Approach is 3-Fold:

"AMERICAN STRAYS A Tale of Animal Warfare", the 3-years-in-the-making documentary will be released to film festivals and television to engage the public and set the stage for the final 2 components. AMERICAN STRAYS is being produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom McPhee.

Population Survey:
No major city has accurate stray dog numbers. With a fleet of volunteers, the 2030 Project will conduct essential annual city-wide surveys of the country’s most at-risk cities. Because until the scope of the problem is understood, nothing can be solved.

All roads toward a stray dog solution begin with education. Most people have no idea this problem even exists and has reached epidemic levels. The American Strays 2030 Project has been producing comprehensive STEM / CORE classroom lesson plans to begin in Gr. 4 in an effort to educate a new generation in the care and treatment of domesticated animals.

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