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DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
Hello, everyone! This year for Project for Awesome, I am helping to raise awareness for the Wildfire Relief Fund, an organization which aids those that have been affected by the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey Fires.

Donate to the California Community Foundation Directly:

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*Some clips from Vice, CBS, and ABC

If you've been watching the news lately, chances are, you've heard about the devastating wildfires in California.
The deadly Camp, Hill, and Woolsey fires, while now mostly contained, started raging in early November; Camp located in the North, Hill and Woolsey both in the Los Angeles area.
These three fires all began on November 8th, 2018, and have already led to nearly 100 confirmed casualties as well as dozens of injuries and hundreds of missing people.
In addition to the catastrophic loss of so many lives, the fires also caused up to $10 billion worth of damage.
The people of California need your help.
A California nonprofit known as the California Community Foundation has a Wildfire Relief Fund, and they need your donations now more than ever.
To help, you can visit the link in the description of this video to donate directly to the organization, or you can find this video on and click "vote." Voting is open during the weekend of December 7th, 2018, and can potentially earn the California Community Foundation a large sum of money.
Rebuilding the homes and businesses lost in this fire won't be easy, but your donation or your vote can help us get one step closer to ensuring that Californians affected by this tragedy will receive financial compensation.
As always, thank you very much for watching, and please remember to vote at the link below, because together, we can make a difference.
Happy Project for Awesome, and DFTBA.

Thank you for watching! Hope you all enjoy!