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DEC 2018
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"Hello! My name is Kimberly and my Project for Awesome video for 2017 is in support of Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian organization that helps LGBT people escape state sponsored violence.

Basically that means that they help LGBT individuals who have experienced physical violence or threats of violence or imprisonment in countries that are not working to protect them. Rainbow Railroad finds a route to safety for these people and as often as possible pays for their travel to a new country that will protect their rights and their lives. Once these people have made it to a new country, Rainbow Railroad connects them with a local settlement organization that can help them seek asylum. And every LGBT person they’ve helped with travel support so far has been able to claim asylum in a safe country.

Many LGBT people around the world are facing things like death threats, physical attacks, or corrective rape. If you donate to Rainbow Railroad, you will be able to make a direct impact for these people by getting information to them about routes to safety and for some, funding their travel out of a dangerous situation.

I hope you will consider voting for this video at and if you’re able, donating directly to Rainbow Railroad at Thank you and have a great Project for Awesome!"