This is a special video for the 2021 Project for Awesome, so in a way it is worldbuilding our world instead of imaginary ones.

Here I'm talking about my personal experiences with the magic of the tribes of the Amazon rainforest, and also promoting the ISA and Peoples of the Forest — an NGO that supports indigenous groups to keep their sovereignty in the Amazon.

Their work is beautiful and deserves more attention. There's an easy way to help (with just a couple of clicks) explained just below:

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The Project For Awesome:

If you want to support Peoples of the Forest and the ISA, please vote for them here: [link available soon, when the competition is officially launched]

And I encourage you to check the other projects out and donate money if you can:

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Peoples of the Forest and the ISA:

Here's a link to that fantastic video I played:

This is their official website (English version):

This is how you join their ranks and donate some much needed funds:

Here's their youtube channel full of amazing stuff:

Their instagram:

And finally here's their twitter page:

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Dawn of Man - Quincas Moreira
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Something's Here - The Whole Other

Picture of Mico Leão Dourado by Jeroen Kransen - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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