Suubi Teen MOPS is a small NGO in Uganda. Their mission is to empower teen moms to escape poverty, by providing skill training. They help women like Brenda to find a new direction in their lives and the life of their kids: through skills such as soap making, they can work in a job that pays a decent living wage, send their kids to school, and even help their community.
Suubi has been operating since 2017, and now, they are taking the work one step further: In September of 2021, they bought 5 acres of land in the countryside, to build a permanent vocational training center for young mothers. Here, they want to train women in skills such as soap making, tailoring, sustainable agriculture, parenting, creative thinking, and more. If they win the support from this year's Project for Awesome, they will use the money to build the school buildings and roofs of the new training center. I had the privilege of visiting the center last month, and must say, it's impressive how much they set up already! If you want to help us in this goal, support us with your vote at, and to find out more about Suubi, check out their website, at Thank you, and don't forget to be awesome!