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DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
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It's 2018, and things are looking rough out there - but it's P4A and we have big plans for the future! Join us in the Room of Requirement to look back, look forward, drink tea, and make the world way more magical in 2019!

Thanks to the following rad people for their photos and footage:

Hogwarts Castle
The Room of Requirement
KC Keepers
The Bosque School
Edmonton Potterwatch
Godric Gryffindor/Fawkes
Masaka HPA
Words Alive
Partners in Health
She's the First
Jackson Bird
The 13th Doctor
Moms for Social Justice
Bambadjan Bamba
DJ Sara Mortz
Jess to the Future
Noah Powers (vocals)
Central Florida Slug Club
NOLA Mischief Managed
The Chocolate Frog
New York Dumbledore's Army
Mrs. Weasley for the snacks
Edinburgh Uni-corns
Every GLA trainee ever
Hank Green
Risa Rodil
Lily & James Potter
Book 5 Harry
Every wizard activist


The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is a nonprofit that uses the power of story to inspire social action. With over two hundred chapters on six continents, the HPA is using the creativity and enthusiasm of fans to affect real world change and become like the heroes they read about. Learn more about the HPA and how you can get involved at

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