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December 9 - 11

2017 P4A Dates:
Dec 15-17
We need your support! Vote for St Kilda Mums: Project for Awesome is a 48-hour YouTube event to raise money & awareness for charity, and Bounce Patrol is promoting St Kilda Mums. They help vulnerable families like homeless mothers and refugees get the supplies they need to care for their babies, and keep them safe & warm. Let's help them provide a safe place to sleep, dream and play for hundreds of children - vote for St Kilda Mums!

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Here are 4 great ways you can help St Kilda Mums:
1) Donate money: They use donations to buy spare parts like wheels and rain covers, and to supplement their donated items
2) Donate baby things: If you live in Melbourne, you can drop off used baby items to one of their many local collection points
3) Buy Project for Awesome perks: The indigogo campaign includes cool perks donated by various YouTubers!
4) Vote for St Kilda Mums in the Project for Awesome:

Bounce Patrol make original songs and nursery rhymes for kids - from toddlers and preschool, through to elementary school age. Learn counting, colours, shapes, animals, and even other languages with Bounce Patrol's fun, original kids music

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