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DEC 7-9
DEC 2019
This is a video submission for the nonprofit organization, ATMakers, for Project for Awesome 2018.

The main goals of ATMakers are: one, to find and create affordable solutions to people in need of assistive technology. And two, to inspire younger generations of STEM interested kids to be informed on the field of assistive technology. Assistive Technology, abbreviated as AT, is a field that serves to help people with various disabilities. ATMakers serves to help these people live their best lives, and to ensure that for years to come.

My hope is that by submitting this video, it will raise awareness about the AT community, as well as help ATMakers get the resources it needs to do the awesome things it does for others. Please consider donating to ATMakers by clicking the yellow “Donate” button on the ATMakers website (which is linked below), and by voting for ATMakers in the 2018 Project for Awesome.

ATMakers Website:
ATMakers Facebook Group:

ATMakers Overview Video:
Bill Binko’s Review of Adapt-a-thon 2018: