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The YPAG group has joined the Project for Awesome 2017 #P4A2017 and has created a video to promote their favourite charity, the Angkor Hospital for Children, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
YPAG, YOUNG PERSONS ADVISORY GROUP, is created for young people aged 10 – 15 years to be instrumental in decision making regarding research that is conducted and healthcare provided at Angkor Hospital for Children and the aim is to give young people a voice in their healthcare provision and research that is conducted within AHC.
The Angkor Hospital for Children is a non-profit health care organization that opened in 1999 and treats children aged less than 16. Since then this hospital has become one of the most famous hospitals in Cambodia. As well as treating kids, this hospital also works in the community and provides education to parents, staff, students and health workers from other hospitals.
On average AHC treats 500 children daily for free. To do this the hospital relies on donations. The YPAG kids have been patients in the hospital and experienced not only the best quality care but also the compassionate of the nurses and the doctors.
Also please help by voting, liking and sharing our video and if you can, please donate money to this fantastic organisation to help many more children in Cambodia.