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FEB 12-14
FEB 2021
This video is part of the 2020 Project for Awesome — — to raise money and awareness for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) in Melbourne, Australia —

Australia currently has a very poor system (to say the least) for processing and treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. Any refugee who arrives by boat is barred from ever entering the country and is sent to offshore detention. The ASRC helps with legal aid and government lobbying regarding offshore detention, and they also provide legal aid for asylum seekers living in Australia. The ASRC also run a food bank, medical centre and help refugees with education and training. They're an indispensable resource for refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. Please consider donating to the ASRC or Project for Awesome, and go and vote for this video on the P4A website.

The bird that I painted in this video is a bar-tailed godwit, which is a migratory seabird that takes the longest flight of any bird in the world. The birds that summer in Australia and New Zealand fly 9,575 km to mudflats in the Yellow Sea, before flying on to Alaska, travelling a total of 11,026 km. Apart from the absurdly long flight, another challenge that these migratory birds face is loss of habitat due to land reclamations and climate change. Learn more about the godwits here:

The song I covered is Colour in Your Cheeks by The Mountain Goats. It was recorded using real instruments including violin, flute and cavaquinho, and fake instruments including piano and drums. I hope you like it.