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Quelili collective:

More info about the “Tren Maya”(EN,ES,DE),:

The assembly of defensors of the Mayan territory (ES, a Mayan language):

People from Cauca in Colombia, fighting for a good life (ES):

A group of cooperatives (food, health care, transport, funeral,…) that allow 20’000 people in Venezuela to live kinda outside of capitalism (ES):

One thing I didn’t mention is that volunteers of Quelili are for now, mostly white Europeans. To counter the biases we will have, a advisory council made of original people from Abya Yala and Europe was created, that would review where the ship will go and who will be on board so that it really profit social movements . The last thing we want is it to become a tool for some revolutionary tourism!

For more about one of the fights that original people of Europe are fighting, here is book to download(EN):

Why do I use the words “original” and not “indigenous”? Because people from the advisory council told me it’s less offensive for them. And I’m always up to change my language to stop harming people :)

Btw, I go by they/them.

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