During Project for Awesome, hundreds of people post videos advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. During P4A, these videos are shared with our community; and over the course of a 48-hour livestream, we raise money for the charities. The very first Project for Awesome was organized in 2007, and in 2024 we will be celebrating the 17th annual event!

The 2024 P4A will take place from 12:00pm EST on Friday, February 16th to 11:59am EST on Sunday, February 18th.

In 2023, we raised a grand total of $3,069,686.33, including several generous matching donations. The donations were split between two organizations chosen by John & Hank, along with thirty charities chosen by the online video community.

Legally speaking, the Project for Awesome is a project of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can see a list of all the charities to which the FTDWS has made grants to in the past here.


Submit a Video

If you have a charity that is particularly important to you, make a video about it! Our amazing community members can submit videos to our website explaining the charity of their choice. The videos are submitted to the Project for Awesome website, but should also be shared, viewed, and commented on all over the internet. Anyone can make a video, whether you are a fan of a charity, work closely with one, or are part of an organization. Be sure to review our video-making guidelines in the FAQ!

The video submissions form will be open from 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 30th until 11:59am EST on Tuesday, February 13th.

All videos that are submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the P4A team to make sure they meet our guidelines before they are made live on the P4A website. Then, you help us determine the charities that receive funding by voting for your favorite videos while the P4A livestream is happening.


The majority of funds raised from our annual P4A event comes from the Tiltify campaign where you can contribute to receive awesome perks and exclusive merch! In the past, this has included Hanklerfish art, t-shirts, digital downloads, and so much more!

The Tiltify page will be open from 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, February 13th to 11:59am EST on Wednesday, February 21st.

Money raised during the Project for Awesome is split, with 50% going to Save the Children and Partners in Health, and 50% going to charities voted on by the community.

In 2024, money raised from the five perks donated by Destin Sandlin (Your Name on the Awesome People Board, Character We Mail to You, Dino to the Moon, Dino to Mars, Mystery Dino Expedition & DSP T-Shirt) will be split, with 50% going to Not Forgotten, 25% going to Save the Children and Partners in Health, and 25% going to charities voted on by the community.

We welcome anyone interested in becoming a matching donor for P4A. For those who are able to donate $500 or more, the matching fund will be accepting donations from 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 10th to 11:59am EST on Monday, February 12th. Once the matching donation period has started, please see for instructions.

Watch the Livestream

This is where things get wacky. John & Hank, along with a number of special guests, host a 48-hour livestream to feature videos, put peanut butter on their faces, throw confetti, and do their happy dances. You truly never know what will happen, so tune in and join the party!

The P4A livestream will run from 12:00pm EST on February 16th through 11:59am EST on February 18th.

And don't forget to share the fun! Spread the word to your friends using #p4a2024 on Twitter and Instagram!


Hank Green, John Green, Laura Chernikoff, Lindsay Ballantyne, Ceri Riley, Silvia Roma, Jordan Balke, Katie Brink, John Lee, Payton Mitchell, Valerie Barr, Abi Rein, Melanie Oventhal, Erin Hale, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Nerdfighteria, DFTBA Records, YouTube, Tiltify, the P4A Advisory Board, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck Board of Directors, and our Fantastic Livestream Volunteers and Perk Donors.


Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon (but maybe not REALLY soon if you email during the livestream).

FTDWS Matching Fund (Save The Children & Partners In Health)
FTDWS Matching Fund (Community-recommended organizations)
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