The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is a community-based conservation organization based in the Denver, Colorado area. It was established in 2014 by Denver zookeeper Dave Johnson after we lost a dear friend and conservation ally, Katie Adamson, in her battle with cancer. Since that day we have been dedicated to a global mission of wildlife protection and cultural compassion.

Together, we want to save this world. The species we share this planet with deserve protection and dedication, and together we are doing everything we can to ensure they have a place and a voice. By working together we can ensure that our fellow creatures have a community that cherishes them and protects them. We travel and educate, we laugh and create change, we empower and embolden. We are an organization of people who help animals by helping people. It is our conservation imperative to leave this world a better place for those that follow.

Join us as we teach at schools, build beehive fences to protect communities and gardens from elephants, train people how to sustain themselves without poaching wildlife, set up speaker presentations and create fundraisers, climb mountains and run races. There is no insignificant species and no journey too far to travel.

Visit to see the projects we support and join us!