P4A 2023

Project for Awesome 2023 YEAH!

5 years of Riffi Ocean Cleanup videos wow!
150,000 kg of plastic out of the oceans!
over a million kg of plastic intercepted from rivers!
±9,850,000kg of plastic left in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

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Checkout the Ocean Cleanup podcast! Always an emotional lift!

The Ocean Cleanup is a non profit project to get the plastic out of our rivers and oceans. It’s not going to go away by itself! Boyan Slat and his team have proven their concept with System 002 and are now transforming it into the scalable System 03, a bigger system that will have a lower carbon impact by only requiring 10 systems to clean the GPGP! Also lots of progress and development cleaning up rivers!

By supporting the cleanup, you’re helping to physically remove plastic from rivers and oceans, and also funding research in how to better collect and make use of collected plastic.

Thanks for your support!

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